Nebraska State Capitol

Interstate 80 at its best – the lovely Nebraska State Capitol.  I was lucky to pass through during business hours and enjoy a great tour.  The guide was well informed and enthusiastic.  The interior of the Capitol was lovely.  I was the only self-identified non-Nebraskan on the tour.

How many state capitols have you visited?  Me?  Arkansas, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Indiana, Nebraska… and counting!

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Hiking Near Fort Collins, Colorado

I’m lucky to have an old friend in FoCo.  She refuses to call it that.  We went for this stunning hike in Lory State Park.  We also ate amazing food, drank great beer, and generally lived the Colorado life.

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Science! Bacteria Swarm

Thanks to an old friend – who happens to be an amazing scientist – I got to plate my own bacteria swarm.  Why is this so cool?  When I’m not out hiking, I study bacteria swarms with computer models for a living.

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The Great American Eclipse Campout

Where were you August 21st?  I was in Saint Paul, OR camping out in the path of totality of the Great American Eclipse.  Thankfully, I was with incredible, smart, woman who were just as awed as I – we watched the moon transit the sun for over 2 hours – until the last bit of partial eclipse ended.

There aren’t words to express what I saw and felt.  A total eclipse is truly magical.  For one minute the sun was completely covered and I stared at the corona wordless, thoughtless, and full of the kind of wonder modern humans rarely experience.

I had one fleeting thought, “I wish my astronomy students were here.” And. It. Ended.  Just like that.  What a privileged life I have.

Where will you be April 8, 2024?

And yes, I spent most of those 2 hours in a yoga pose.

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Elk Mountain in the Tillamook State Forest

This gallery contains 19 photos.

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Cherry Grove, Oregon

Have I mentioned I’m house sitting?  This is the view from Summit Ave in Cherry Grove.


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Rainy Coastal Oregon

I camped out in the Oregon Dunes this weekend.  It rained, making it the quintessential PNW experience.  Funny too – its been bone dry since I arrived.  Hiking the dunes in the rain was beautiful – foggy and green.  Plus the sand was compacted and easy to climb.  The photos can never capture the beauty, and the ocean is obscured by the fog.  Of course at some point I got lost and ended up on a deer trail with wet branches smacking me in face.

P.S. Once upon a time I shared my travel photos and a tidbit of life on the blog.  I stopped because I started looking at life through my blog lens.  That was not a good way to live!  I had this an adventure this weekend – with no good photos to show for it.  That happens to me too often these days.



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