Indiana to Iowa

This is the original, restored, cabin where Herbert Hoover was born. He was raised a Quaker and dedicated himself to humanitarian causes throughout his life.

If you’ve never been to the middle of the country, I can assure you, there is a difference between Indiana and Iowa. I am not an Iowa expert, but I’ve gotten to know South Bend pretty well. Iowa cannot claim lake effect snow, the north-south continental divide, and… well I’m sure there are many other differences. Could someone help me out?

My very first stop, just before Iowa City, was the birth place of Herbert Hoover (a one room cabin). If you’ve never stopped in on a National Historic Site or a Presidential Home, PLEASE DO! My trip to Monticello several years ago convinced me I had been missing out. At least go to see the amazing gifts and bling awarded to presidents and their wives.

I spent my first night in Iowa City at the apartment of Caralyn Flack, who I met living and working at UC Davis 7 years ago. She is an incredibly talented grad student who showed me the best frozen yogurt in town, cooked dinner with me, and gladly spent the evening drinking wine with me. I admit that I didn’t photograph a single thing we did together, I was too busy having fun. Next time, I promise.

Hoover’s suite in the Waldorf-Astoria where he spent the last years of his life. This photo doesn’t capture the opulence of the place, but you can see some bling on the desk.

The gravesite of Herbert and Lou Hoover. It was a lovely spot to wander after a long drive.


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