Ozo coffee. A place to have a artful latte, listen to music popular 40 years ago, and not get any work done.

The first extended stop of my roadtrip was the land of coffee, hippies, yuppies, microbreweries, mountains, and SUNSHINE.  No, not Seattle… Boulder, CO!  I had warned my Iowa City host, Caralyn, that I would be gone in the morning. I road-trip best early, and sure enough, my crazy travel brain wanted to get up and drive at 3am. I passed through Omaha and Lincoln City, NE before 8am and spent the day digging On the Road by Jack Kerouac on my car stereo.

The Hotel Boulderado. It looks even better on the inside.

Our conference dinner was hosted in the atrium of the Boulderado. What a ceiling!

Why did I stop in Boulder on my way to New Mexico? Because I was meeting the love of my life there. Not for the first time mind you! Dan flew in from South Bend to attend the USCMS Collaboration Meeting. This gave me a chance to mingle with geeks in a mountain setting. One of my favorite moments: hanging out at the hotel bar with the head of the CMS collaboration and getting honeymoon advice. Apparently the Amalfi Coast should be our first choice.

Inside the Teahouse. Photos can’t capture this amazing space. I had a cucumber martini btw.

We stayed in an amazing hotel, the Boulderado, which I would recommend to anyone, especially those traveling on grant money.  We went hiking, had dinner in the Dushanbe Tea House with my friend Kat, attended conference socials, went wine tasting, and viewed a solar eclipse.

Alone, I wandered the Boulder pedestrian mall and farmer’s market, drank beautiful coffee, practiced FREE yoga at the Prana store, and bought a rocking pair of Keens. It was the perfect antidote to the hardest semester I’ve faced in a long time.

I’ll tell you all about hiking Rocky Mountain National Park and the eclipse later.

The exterior of the Teahouse.  I would love to travel to a place where more buildings looked like this!

My already well loved Keens. Yes, they’re covered with canyon dust and there is a cactus in the background.


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4 Responses to Boulder!

  1. Beth says:

    You are such a morning person. If I had to leave at 3 am, I would stay up and call it leaving in the middle of the night:) Glad you have made it safely and are all settled in. Remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west – also moss grows on the north side of trees (well OK, there is probably no moss in the dry southwest:). Have fun!

    • mcddanielle says:

      I know, I know. The moon’s position in the sky told me I was wrong, but after that it became REALLY obvious the sun was in the wrong spot. I was hoping you would give me a few more Indiana/Iowa comparisons. I know you described the different winter weather patterns fairly distinctly.

  2. Beth says:

    Well,in Iowa, the weather comes from the west. If it is hot to the west, it will be hot 2 days later. Same for cold, snow, rain. The only thing that didn’t come directly from the west was tornadoes, but those were pretty well predicted. One major difference is that summer clouds are cumulus clouds – big puffy clouds that looked like animals, cartoon characters or anything else we wanted them to be on warm summer days. In Indiana, we sometimes get days which are completely overcast and yet there is no rain.

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