The Solar Eclipse and the Transit of Venus!

Did you know that tomorrow June 5th, you can view the transit of Venus ? Little tiny Venus will cross our view of the sun leaving a black circle about 1/30th its size. I kept my viewer from the recent eclipse, so I’ll be pointing it at the New Mexico sun sometime tomorrow evening. If you’re in South Bend, Notre Dame is putting on a big event you can go check out.

Have you ever seen a solar eclipse? I was lucky enough to be in Boulder to see one with Dan the last night of our trip. Down here in NM I could have seen the total eclipse. Up in Boulder the eclipse was only partial, but I felt lucky and amazed to see it anyway!

The Physics department put on the event in the CU stadium. They set a Guinness Book World Record for largest crowd to view an eclipse together.

We had a cloudy evening for eclipse viewing, but it protected us from sunburn! If the clouds covered the sun, we just stared at the mountains.

I think Dan looks more comfortable in the eclipse viewing shades than me.

Eclipse viewing in action.


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3 Responses to The Solar Eclipse and the Transit of Venus!

  1. Kate says:

    Yay! That’s great you were at least able to view it!
    Awesome solar shades! You’re going to be in such a great location for the transit tomorrow!

  2. Colin says:

    What Kate said! Glad there’s good outreach out there, and those solar specs are going to be hot property tomorrow afternoon!

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