My Weekend In Los Alamos

What defines good bluegrass music? To me it is an imperative to move – even if I don’t feel like dancing, I must. Los Alamos has a summer concert series and the Friday night band was bluegrass from Berkley. I admit, I had no urge to move my feet, and left after 2.5 songs, but wandering a park full of families and their dogs was a good antidote to a quiet week.

I was surprised at just how social my first weekend in Los Alamos turned out. I knew of two big events: the Friday night concert series and the local ski mountain’s Summerfest. I had also seen mysterious wooden signs for the monthly Posse Brunch. I made it to all three and met a lot of people who work as Los Alamos and were glad to meet a new friend.

Ashley Pond and the Los Alamos Summer Concert Series Kick off!

Summerfest centered on $10 for unlimited samples from New Mexico breweries. I tried many beers that day, but my favorite was a Peach Wheat. Light, refreshing, and not sweet. New Mexico has an impressive number of breweries around the state and I’ll definitely be seeking a few of them out.

The Pajarito Mountain Summerfest.

Sunday morning I spent at the Posse Shack. I was too shy to take a picture, but an old cowboy went around and serenaded folks while they ate their pancakes. The Posse Shack breakfast is a monthly event that raises money for local causes. Personally, I was delighted to eat unlimited pancakes, scrambled eggs, and coffee for $7 while talking with a surprising number of female scientists.

The Posse Shack. I would get married here if I lived in Los Alamos.

I will definitely be coming back. Join me?

There was a vegemite tasting. If you’re from Australia, it is a normal and delicious part of your life.


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