Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park

Are you tired of hiking yet? I’m not! After exploring the high elevations, Dan and I drove down to a reasonable elevation to hike among the rocks, trees, snow, and sunshine. Here are some pictures of that lovely afternoon.

We hiked on snow. In late May.

The man who took this said “Say whiskey!”

My new boots. It was love at first hike.

We had lunch here. Sometimes I really am the luckiest person.

I took this from the car. It was feeding time, we saw several on our drive.


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One Response to Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park

  1. Catherine Rastovski says:

    So there is a crazy steep dirt/gravel mountain road that goes up to the high elevation visitors center. If you take that (if it’s open) in the early morning you will see more Mule deer than you ever imagined existed. Beautiful pictures. You’re making me really really want to go hiking.

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