Mount Sanitas: Boulder

Dan and I hiked the Sunshine Canyon area on our last day in Boulder. I’ve since learned on that Mount Sanitas is named for a nearby former sanatorium. If you love to hike in a social setting, this is the trail for you. As we huffed and puffed up the 1255 ft elevation gain, we frequently stopped to let people and their unleashed dogs pass. Once we reached the summit, we were far from alone, but the amazing view was worth it!

Yep, we spent all morning hiking UP at the canyon. Dan was not amused.

In Boulder this is the place to be on a Sunday Morning.

Lots of up.

A narrow leave yucca plant.

What an amazing view! Well worth all of the up.

All done with the hike and about to go get a giant lunch.


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2 Responses to Mount Sanitas: Boulder

  1. Catherine Rastovski says:

    Looks like so much fun. Miss you!

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