My cross country route

I couldn’t decide whether this post should be about my amazing weekend in Los Alamos or about my travels to New Mexico. One the one hand, it would be nice to keep telling my travel story. On the other, I’m seeing so many beautiful places here that I can’t wait to share! I decided to let my inner map-geek shine, and provide a little context about my travels.

I left South Bend on May 15th and arrived in Boulder on Wednesday the 17th after my stay in Iowa.

Dan and I spent Friday the 17th hiking in RMNP. We went up to the high visitor center, hiked the Tundra Trail, and came back down to a sane elevation for a longer hike to Mills Lake.

Sunday we went up Mount Sanitas and ended the evening watching the solar eclipse. Monday morning we drove to the Denver airport and said our goodbyes. He was flying home for the summer. I cried at the airport, but only a little bit.

I was flying to Jackson, WY for my next adventure: visiting my best friend from high school and seeing two national parks.

I’ll tell you all about my weekend soon. I promise!


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