Friday Night in Los Alamos

There is a weekly happy hour put on by young postdocs and employees of the lab that is open and regularly welcomes newcomers. It started because Amber, now the happy hour president (yes, I said that), did laundry on Friday nights and went to the Canyon bar to drink while she waited. Since Los Alamos is a small town, it wasn’t hard to convince some friends they should drink with her while her clothes washed and dried across the parking lot.

I’ve never folded clothes after drinking two beers before. It wasn’t the most careful job I’ve ever done: I didn’t turn my socks right side out!

I forced myself to be social on Friday night. In order to quell my anti-social urges, I got my laundry ready on Friday morning. This included my only set of bedsheets. I was committed to cleaning them, and therefore committed to walking across the parking lot to join the happy group of lab employees. I had a wonderful time talking until my laundry was finished.

The Canyon Bar is the only drinking establishment in town and is right across from the laundromat. The sign in the window is its only advertisement.

Chamberfest! They shut down the main street of town for some good jazz.

If you know me well, you know I can’t sit still. It is hard to relax when there is work to be done and a world to see! I folded my clothes, went back to the Canyon for a giant glass of water, and said my goodbyes. I was off to discover downtown Los Alamos on a Friday: good jazz, loads of people (for a small town), and free admission to all the museums in town.

The Bradbury Science Museum stays open late on Fridays. The HISTORY section details the context of the design and building of the A-bomb.

Los Alamos has a long history of secrets and innovation and they do recognize that here at the Bradbury. I would like to go back for a more careful walk through, so come visit me!

A sample of the glassy rocks formed during the Trinity Test.

The Trinity Test, the first nuclear bomb detonation, took place July 16th, 1945 near Soccoro, NM. There are still protests at the lab every year on August 6th, the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.

Model endcap for the bomb.

I also went to the local art gallery. It was very tiny, but worth a visit.

A display at the Fuller Art Lodge. My favorite display were photos taken all over the world: mostly of people smiling.


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  1. Catherine Rastovski says:

    Laundry and beer sounds like a brilliant combination.

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