Sunday: Bandelier National Monument

I spent last Sunday exploring Bandelier National Monument with a brand new friend from my summer program: Elise!

Elise is wonderful! She is much braver than me. More on that soon…

I accidentally kept the “loan” copy of the guidebook, so I do have to return to Bandelier soon. In the meantime, I have a reference to use in describing this ancient place.

A close up of walls in an Arch site which was built by the Pueblo people 600 years ago.

Inside of a home dug into the volcanic tuff of the cliffside. Can you imagine waking up to this view?

This is called the Tyuonyi Pueblo. It had about 400 rooms spread over two stories and was home to around 100 people.

Can you see the hearth in this cavate (cave room)?

This is Frijoles Canyon which is part of the Pajarito Plateau formed by volcanic eruption.

Can you tell where the river flows?

This is why Elise is brave: she does not like looking down from heights. She especially does not care for climbing down ladders, but she decided not miss the site high in the cliffside.

We’re about to climb up 4 ladders to see a kiva built in a large cave.

We climbed down into this kiva.

Yes, I live in New Mexico, and I love it!

Me, I’m just foolish: I’m not smart enough to be afraid when looking down this ladder.

Climbing down took serious guts for Elise. Go Elise!

Can you see the cave we climbed to? It is toward the upper right.


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4 Responses to Sunday: Bandelier National Monument

  1. MaryNell says:

    Beautiful pictures – I went to Bandelier about 10 years ago, so your photos brought back some pleasant and not so pleasant memories — especially of those ladders!

  2. Catherine Rastovski says:

    Wow! I think I got vertigo looking at your picture of the ladder.

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