Jackson, WY

Please go to Jackson. I loved every minute of my visit. If you love the outdoors, you’ll be in heaven. If you like spas, art galleries, and luxury shopping, you’ll feel at home, but you’re probably not reading this blog. What a place! I traveled to Jackson to visit my best friend from high school, Yellowstone, and the Tetons. As you might imagine, I could hardly wait to do some hiking and camping.

This is the photograph I was too shocked and delighted to take. You step off the airplane into Grand Teton National Park and this view.

I flew to Jackson from Denver. The 1.5 hour long flight was about $350. Compare that to an 8 hour drive and roughly $200 for gas (round trip), and even I, the driving maniac, decided to take it easy and let Frontier do the work for me. It felt strange leaving my car and most of my possessions in the economy lot at DIA, but they waited patiently while I was gone.

Shed antlers in the Jackson town square. Apparently in the summer they have a nightly shoot out here.

Jesse and Katrina’s cabin in Wilson, WY. It is just over the pass to Idaho. Can you see the antler by the door?

The back shed. Apparently it is full of old skis and other assorted gear belonging to the previous tenant.

Katrina. She is a hard working gal who left her career in Seattle to live in Jackson. She is currently a volunteer EMT who skis every day when there is snow.

Bacchus. He made me feel right at home in the cabin.


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