Grand Teton: Jenny Lake

I admit that I was too busy talking and enjoying the scenery to take very many pictures at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. Who has time to stop and photograph when they’re soaking in the rain, green, sights, and smells of somewhere not quite Washington?

Right at the end of the 6 mile trek, we happened upon a group of rangers and other park staff. When we came around the bend and greeted the group, someone said “Where did you come from?” We told them we had walked around the entire lake. The reaction: “We were just discussing how most people don’t get more than 20 feet from their cars when they visit here!” We said, “Well, we’re from Washington.” The group laughed and seemed to accept that we were insane, but in the good way.

It was cold and rainy the day we walked around Jenny Lake, but the two Washington girls couldn’t complain.

Green + Mountains = home, or a reasonable approximation.

I haven’t seen that much water since I got to Los Alamos!

I already want to go back.


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One Response to Grand Teton: Jenny Lake

  1. Catherine Rastovski says:

    It looks kind of cold, but beautiful.

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