Saturday in Santa Fe, Part I

I got up bright and early to explore Santa Fe last Saturday. My itinerary:

1) Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market. I tried lots of free samples here! Believe it or not, the cloudy weather was more than welcome.

I did actually buy something: an empanada. Yum!

They’ve pulled out the railroad tracks and put in landscaping and walking paths. Pretty.

2) The Capitol Building is a short drive from the Farmer’s Market, and it has free and ample parking. My car happily stayed here all day while I wandered the Plaza. More importantly the Capitol is filled with art that seems to be fairly representative of New Mexico’s culture and aesthetics. The Roundhouse (the only round capitol in the US) dates back to the late sixties and pays due respect to the different peoples and cultures that make up the melting pot state.

The outside of the NM capitol isn’t terribly impressive, but it is a giant art gallery. Perfect for Santa Fe of course.

I loved this woven piece.

John Nieto. I love this artist. I saw his work up in Jackson, WY as well.

New Mexico’s seal inside the Legislature.

The stained glass ceiling of the capitol building is meant to represent a traditional woven basket.

3) Loretto Chapel (closed for a Wedding)
4) Olive oil and vinegar shop/tasting room, Oleaceae, delightful conversation with owner.

I can’t forget the butternut squash seed oil. I’m going back.

5) Arts and crafts market in the Plaza
6) New Mexico History Museum
7) Palace of Governors
8) Return to the Loretto Chapel
9) Wander around art market and shops waiting…

10) Have late lunch at Greek Fest with Ryan and Claire
11) Go to women’s consignment shops where I acquired a rugged travel purse perfect for hiking, the belt I’ve been searching for, and some lightweight shirts for the NM climate
12) Meet up with Elise and Steffie at the last store, Double Take
13) Have margaritas and “the world famous ice cream baked potato” at The Cowgirl

Don’t be fooled. That is entirely composed of ice cream (and pistachios on top). The pat butter may have been butter flavored gelato: very mild, very rich, not very sweet. It was incredible!

I really couldn’t do this many places justice in one day, but I have a much better feel for Santa Fe, the oldest Capitol city in the US (founded by the Spanish in the late 17th century). I can’t possibly cover all of this in one blog post, so I plan to write a separate post on NM history and the Loretto Chapel.

P.S. I honestly thought I was ordering a baked potato with ice cream. I was too curious not to.


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5 Responses to Saturday in Santa Fe, Part I

  1. Catherine Rastovski says:

    Well at least you are relaxing and taking it easy 🙂 I find the oil shop the most curious. I really want to go now.

  2. Colin says:

    Georgia O’Keefe spent a ton of time in NM. I’d be very surprised if there’s not an art museum there that has some of her stuff!

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