Sunday in LA: The Mitchell Trail to Guaje Ridge

I’m a little bit behind in my posts, and I haven’t even finished my Jackson/Yellowstone/Teton series! Yesterday I went to Wheeler Mountain, the tallest peak in New Mexico, for a day long hike, but post is about last week. Sunday was ideal. I walked out my front door shortly after waking up and hiked for 4 hours. I would have turned it into a day hike if I’d brought along a bottle of sunscreen (don’t worry, I put some on before I left). I had plenty of water and a snack, and once I got to the ridge, I didn’t want to leave. The view from the Guaje ridge was too lovely to easily leave.

The Mitchell trail has a bittersweet history. It was forged by an Eagle Scout who wanted to find the shortest route from Los Alamos up to the Guaje Ridge and spent weekend after weekend marking the trail. He died a few years later and the trail is named for him.

The view from the Guaje ridge. My round trip was about 7 miles with a 1,300 ft climb from the base of the trailhead.

I haven’t yet used the nifty WordPress slideshows because they don’t work in Blogger. I’ve grown tired of the photodump style post, so I’m going to try slides for a while. Let me know if the new format does/doesn’t work for you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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2 Responses to Sunday in LA: The Mitchell Trail to Guaje Ridge

  1. Jenny says:

    The sideshow worked out perfectly! I’m loving all the beautiful pictures.

  2. Catherine Rastovski says:

    Like the slideshow. Looks nice. Keep the beautiful photos coming!

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