Grand Teton and Black Bears

I admit that the most breathtaking views and sights from my adventures don’t tend to make it into the blog. I am usually too busy staring with delight and wonder to capture those fleeting moments. I saw the Tetons bright and clear my first day in Jackson, but I never took a picture. They were clouded over the rest of the time.

The view from Signal Mountain.

Can you see the Tetons?

Yesterday I saw a yearling bear on my hike. It was a brown bear too big to be a cub, but definitely not full grown. My jaw dropped, I smiled, and felt like the luckiest person on the planet. I didn’t even think of the camera until it scampered off down the trail and out of sight.

Momma Black Bear is on the ground staring me down.

I also saw a mother black bear and two cubs in Grand Teton National Park on the way home from Yellowstone. Katrina and I were safely in the car, but I admit, I rolled down the window to take this shot. Momma bear was definitely unhappy, but the two cubs scrambled around the tree like they owned the place. It was a delight to see, and I did get a picture!

Awwwwwwww…. they were even cuter in person.

Part of the valley that makes up Jackson’s Hole.


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2 Responses to Grand Teton and Black Bears

  1. crastovs says:

    Beautiful country. That’s where I spent my honeymoon.

  2. mcddanielle says:

    I’m trying to convince Dan to spend our honeymoon in Glacier National Park of the UP of Michigan… but he wants to go somewhere exotic. Poor me.

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