Great Sand Dunes National Park

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I went home for the 4th of July. It was a last minute MUST that I felt and obeyed, and I’m fortunate to have the frequent flier miles to allow me the luxury. It seems fitting that my first day back to Los Alamos I’m writing a post about Great Sand Dunes National Park: the last place I visited before my arrival in New Mexico.

As you might imagine, a part of the country that has huge rolling sand dunes also has high heat and strong winds. I drove a few hours out of my way from Denver to Los Alamos to see the park, and rushed around to see what I could in the little time I had allotted myself.

Instead of hiking up the dunes themselves, I took a short hike where I could see out over them. Lovely and refreshing after hours in the car. Later that day I stopped at an information booth and talked with an old Indian woman about her favorite place: the mesa with the wild horses. I didn’t see them as I headed south on back highways through the mountains of Colorado and into New Mexico, but I kept my eyes peeled.

I had lunch in Taos that day and drove through beautiful rock formations all day long. The Southwest is incredible.


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