Garden of the Gods

Driving south from Denver to New Mexico I stopped at an impressive tourist trap: the Garden of the Gods. If you look at the website, you’ll know why I call it a tourist trap. Since I passed through Colorado Springs at sunrise, the giftshop was still closed (pity…), but the morning light was exactly the right way to see the formidable rock formations.

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With a permit, you can climb the formations. Somehow, even I think that would be fun.


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3 Responses to Garden of the Gods

  1. Jenny says:

    Hey, I’ve done that! I climbed with friends in garden of the gods. I have pictures somewhere. You wouldn’t be able to tell, but I was terrified!

  2. mcddanielle says:

    I would LOVE to see those pictures!

  3. crastovs says:

    I had a friend who used to go climbing there. He loved it.

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