Wheeler Peak + Highest Peaks

A view from 13000 feet.

I met a man atop Wheeler Peak who makes a hobby of visiting and climbing the to the tallest point in each of the 50 States. Although I had just knowingly climbed to the highest place in New Mexico, it was a concept that had never crossed my mind. I didn’t know the tallest point in Washington (Rainer) or Indiana (Hoosier Hill) or that I should be visiting these places, but I do now.

Wheeler ranks 8th on the list of tallest peaks in each state. So, no, it isn’t the 8th tallest peak in the U.S. (I believe those are all in Alaska). This man had climbed 39 of the peaks and when asked: “Which ones haven’t you climbed?” his response was priceless: “All of the peaks lower than this one! Well, except Manua Kea in Hawaii.”

I was intimidated by Wheeler. The elevation gain is 4000 feet and I didn’t know what my legs would do after 8 hours and 16 miles of hiking. After asking around and getting encouragement from my friend Brian, I decided to try it. So I did what any girl would do, go buy a serious hiking hat and a 3 liter Camelbak.

New hat and gear!

We camped overnight at the Taos Ski area so we could wake up start hiking by 7am. I was delighted at the early start. The nominal reason was to reach the peak by noon and be down by the afternoon thunderstorms that are common here. I’ve taken many many pictures of the day, so I’m going to post some photos now, and blog all about the hiking experience tomorrow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve saved my favorite photos for tomorrow. Aside from eye candy, these photos are to introduce you to my hiking buddies: Brian, Eric, Brent, and Laurie.


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  1. crastovs says:

    Looks like fun!

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