Friday Night at the Museum

A few weeks ago Lena the postdoc and I had a wild and crazy night. We wore dress clothes to go to Physics Night at the Bradbury Museum in Los Alamos. Don’t be too concerned, afterwards we joined our friends at the park to drink beer, laugh, and listen to music.

You did know that I LOVE science and detecting cosmic rays right?

That powerbook is running the electronics for the array of detectors (the DAQ card) and processing a 3D image in real time. It is one abused little apple.

Lena was late so I spent a lot of time talking to the scientists about their detectors and giant magnets. I mean that: scientist for the world record breaking 100 Tesla pulsed magnet was there doing demos and talking with kids. I also read in detail about the history of Los Alamos and the Trinity Test. Once Lena arrived, I gladly went to the brainteaser room. Those are HARD puzzles. Trust me.

I cannot get this one, and neither could Lena.

Can you see that gorgeous dress?


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3 Responses to Friday Night at the Museum

  1. crastovs says:

    100 T magnet? Oh man am I jealous.

    • mcddanielle says:

      Guess where I went today? A tour of the High Magnetic Field lab. I saw lots of broken magnet pieces and the world record setter. I really wanted you to be there with me.

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