The rumors are true: the Santa Fe art scene

There was a cowboy totem pole that was Steffie’s favorite.

Did you know that I am borderline dyslexic? Furthermore sometimes I judge too quickly. Just yesterday I substituted the word double for half when discussing money. I endured a table full of blank and confused stares until I was able to recognize my own mistake. I am telling you this now because I said two very stupid things at dinner a few weeks ago and now is time for me to correct it.

1) The Santa Fe art scene should not be confused with the Santa Fe tourist shops that surround the plaza. More on that soon.
2) I hiked a total of 16 miles up Wheeler Peak. This took a total of 8 hours, not 16. You see how I either doubled 8 or substituted miles for hours? Both are common speaking mistakes for me to make. Unfortunately in this case I wildly exaggerated my hiking stamina without realizing it.

Why did I refer to the Santa Fe art scene as a rumor? I had read that the Santa Fe galleries host opening receptions every Friday evening. Not only do galleries host openings, but they gladly give away glasses of wine and snacks to enjoy will you peruse the new pieces. I had a glorious vision of wandering down Canyon Road sipping wine and enjoying a lovely evening out. The Thursday before I was to have my first gallery night I was told by two separate people that it was simply a well spread rumor. Sure, there were art openings, but good luck finding some free wine.

Elise just before we got our free wine.

Well, I had 3 free glasses of wine (the last I couldn’t finish) and turned down a 4th at some point in the evening. This was in the span of half an hour. Due to some necessary city shopping (Target!)
Steffie, Elise, and I didn’t arrive on Canyon road until 6:30.

Santa Fe Target! It has the same style as the Palace of Governors!

It was the perfect ladies night out: shopping, wine, art, and dinner at the Chocolate Maven. My dinner (and the service) was as impressive as the dessert. We shared “the Paper Sack” which was chocolate formed by a paper lunch bag, and filled with berries, whipped cream, and cake. We had to haul home the remains and use them for s’mores a few days later.

The Paper Sack at the Chocolate Maven.

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