Chaco Culture National Historical Park: Pueblo Bonita

Pueblo Bonito, the largest excavated ruin (NOT the pc term) in Chaco canyon.

I was lucky enough to go on a Ranger lead tour of Chaco Canyon and learn about the history, culture, and unanswered questions of an amazing set of ancestral pueblos in western New Mexico. Settlement of the canyon began around 850 AD and it became a place of power and a primary destination of trade routes as far as South America. They have found signs of plaster on the outside of Pueblo Bonito: meaning it was likely a gleaming white city in the high desert.
Our ranger is a second grade teacher during the regular school year. She is participating in the Teacher-to-Ranger-to-Teacher program through the National Park Service. It seems like an amazing way to engage different populations in our natural resources and park lands.

Park Ranger and Teacher!

I thought it was generous how much we could explore in Pueblo Bonito, but we certainly didn’t have the run of the place.

Claire, Forrest, Ryan and I traveled from Los Alamos to Chaco to see, camp, and hike. We stayed the night in the park campground surrounded by cliffs, eating s’mores, drinking beer, and staring at the Milky Way. This week I’ll be posting many amazing pictures that combine archeology, art, scenery, and wonder.

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