Pueblo Alto: the house on the hill

After our night camping, I did something unusual. I waited until someone else had gotten up to get out of my sleeping bag and face the day. Why? I certainly wasn’t asleep: the sun was shining and the birds were noisily enjoying the morning. Oh yes, because Ryan’s car keys were with him and there was little I could do without them. Sure I could have gone for a morning stroll, but for once I wasn’t in the mood. When I did get up, I got some nice shots of the cliffs at Gallo Campground at sunrise.

The campground in Chaco Culture National Historical Park

After a camp breakfast of oatmeal, we packed up and headed out for a hike to an ancestral site atop a mesa. We stopped on the way to take a closer look at Fajada Butte. There are petroglyphs on its top and ancient astronomical markers: sun daggers. During winter solstice, they shone light in sharp lines.

Ryan was fascinated by the Fajada Butte and its sun daggers

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By the time we’d finished the hike 3 hours later, everyone but me wanted food and rest. I wanted to see more ruins (and hike!) but I conceded and we headed back toward Los Alamos. On the way home we stopped for lunch at The Range Cafe: a famous cafe that started in Bernalillo. The dessert case looked incredible, but I was far too full of huevos rancheros to try anything.


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