Petroglyph National Monument

Crystal and I are old friends. We survived WWU Physics together. Somehow all of the old lady jokes don’t hold water when I look at this picture.

When you drive through Albuquerque, you pass signs for Petroglyph National Monument. This means I have been wanting to go there for quite a long time and I finally got my chance. In the past I’ve gone to state parks with with promises of pictographs, only to squint and feel mildly disappointed that the ancients didn’t better preserve their drawings for tourists to ogle in the 21st century ( Montana, I’m looking at you). What I found in Albuquerque completely surprised me.


The stark petroglyphs on the black volcanic rock stood cleanly out against the blue New Mexico sky. We saw tens, if not hundreds, of images in a short walk. My favorite was the dragonfly.


These pictures were taken the morning after the accidental bachelorette party and a wonderful Sunday morning hot yoga session at Blissful Spirits. Did I mention I brought my two favorite friends, Elise and Steffie, along for my Albuquerque adventure? They loved the burlesque show, but who wouldn’t?

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2 Responses to Petroglyph National Monument

  1. Colin says:

    awesome! that last one in the slideshow looks like a map, complete with compass

  2. mcddanielle says:

    You’re right! I wonder if NM was a square back then too 😉

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