High Altitude Baking and 21st Birthday Parties!

Cooking at 7,000 feet has its challenges. Water has a lower boiling point and liquid evaporates quickly. The general rules of thumb: more liquid, more time, lower temperature. If you’re baking, add an extra egg. Or, in the wonderful days of the internet, hit up a website.

In a town full of scientists, girls need to stick together. Hence I’ve started up a regular women’s cooking/baking night here in Los Alamos. I’ll miss it when I head back to Indiana in just two weeks! While I made Thai food, Elise braved her first cake. She barely asked questions as she creamed butter and sugar, added egg after egg, lined the cake pans, and popped them in the oven. My role in the whole thing: a little counseling regarding baking time, whether they were baked through, and frosting ingredients.

Elise’s first cake! Can you believe it? She totally rocked it.

So delicious! Especially with the amazing chocolate frosting she made.

What a good friend!


Happy Birthday Will!

So, what did we do after eating this amazing cake? Tune in next time for pictures of our visit to Don Quixote winery, Santa Fe Brew Co, and dinner at the Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe. It was a great night in which I was the happy and well fed Designated Driver.


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