Ode to the Bad Ass Coffee Company.

Dan and I waited patiently for at least an hour in a mall in Hawaii (we went to lunch) before finding out this store was permanently closed.

As you might imagine, I’ve been enjoying to my civilian (non-blog worthy) life back in Indiana, but tonight felt like a good time for an update. Sorry for the profanity, but here is my story about an elusive place I tried to visit in New Mexico.

Dan and I went to Hawaii together in 2007 for a conference. It was our 3rd date. One of Dan’s To Do list items was “Find the Bad Ass Coffee Company and buy a tee shirt.” We duly google mapped it and headed to the Oahu towers (a small mall) and found it closed. A handwritten sign on the door reported “Back in 30 minutes.” We walked upstairs, ate a forgettable lunch, and returned… Still closed. We talked to the shop owner next door and found out that this franchise location was permanently closed. No tee shirts, no coffee, nada. We headed back to our fabulous resort and consoled ourselves with pineapple filled cocktails.

For his birthday that year I ordered Dan a tee shirt with the Bad Ass logo and a coffee cup (his old one needed a new handle, but he kept using it). In the process I discovered that the chain was not limited to Hawaii, but the outposts were hard to get to. Imagine my enthusiasm when I drove by one in Bernalillo, NM on my way to Chaco Canyon. I didn’t insist we stop (everyone but me was currently holding a drink from Starbucks), but I made it a point to head back there.

Yep. Closed. Darn.

I am not heartbroken. There are other locations sprinkled around and I hope to find one soon. My plan: to check this page when heading to new places. I’ll get there eventually.

One day I will buy a cup of coffee here.


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5 Responses to Ode to the Bad Ass Coffee Company.

  1. Aloha, It sounds like you are one of our biggest fans and just cannot get to an open store!!! First, a huge apology!!! We are a franchise company and sometimes our franchisees don’t let us know what is going on at their location. Please contact me, I hate for you to wander around the country looking for great coffee, a Bad Ass Shirt, or just an open door. Call Connie Alexakos (801) 428-0821, VP of Marketing and Product Development – Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii

  2. Catherine Rastovski says:

    Dan makes a great sad puppy face!

  3. Joanne says:

    Haha I’ve never heard of this place but given that I’m a a coffee FIEND I probably need to try it someday. Or at least get a t-shirt.

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