Andrea + Kat Visiting Los Alamos

Washington girls are always up for a hike!

I had some out of town guests for my last weekend in Los Alamos: friends and former roommates Andrea and Kat. These two wonderful women traveled down from Denver to spend time in New Mexico with me. We went to the Santa Fe Opera, explored the cultural side of Los Alamos, hiked, ate delicious food, and went to some Los Alamos parties with my wonderful LA friends. It was a lovely weekend that kept me from getting too stressed while I prepared for the end of the summer.

Andrea looks over the caldera

Kat, the constant bundle of energy

I took them up to Jemez Springs on Saturday. The volcanic activity of the Valles Caldera has created a hot springs region near Los Alamos. I had heard it was surprisingly green and lovely up there and I was excited to go and visit.

Water! A precious thing in New Mexico.

After our hike we walked around a few art galleries, ate a delicious lunch, and visited the Jemez Pueblo (more on that soon). What a lovely day!

I’m making a different dorky face than usual!

We’re about to do lunch in the speck-sized town of Jemez Springs.

Just wait until you see the zoom…

Zoom! Look at those rock layers!


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3 Responses to Andrea + Kat Visiting Los Alamos

  1. Jenny says:

    The picture of your friend on that sign is hysterical! Love it.

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