Jemez Pueblo

Andrea, Kat, and I spotted ancestral dwellings when returning home from Jemez Springs. We stopped and paid a small entrance fee to the Jemez people in order to see the ruins. The displays, history, and air-conditioning inside the museum were well worth a visit, but the buildings really amazed me.

The Jemez Pueblo.

Andrea + an oven. She loves cooking as much as me.

Climbing into the kiva.

While I’ve seen my share of kiva’s this summer, I hadn’t seen such strong European influence before. The displayed buildings were of native materials and construction, but clearly a European church and fortress.

It was undeniably a Catholic Place despite the mud brick walls.

The thickness of the walls itself was surprising, but the single large central room really took me by surprise. I felt an echo of the Loretto Chapel and every other Catholic Church I’ve visited over the years.

It felt strange to see walls built in the style of Pueblo Indians forming a Catholic Mission.

Can you tell I love photographing Kat in that hat? Lovely against the New Mexico background.

I miss the flora of New Mexico. Somehow life is more fun with cactii about.


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