The Santa Fe Opera

My final summer weekend in Los Alamos was a blur that started Thursday night at the Santa Fe Opera . The star of the opera is the sunset since the open air venue is perched atop a mesa.

My favorite part of the opera was the food.

As is the local tradition, we tailgated in the parking lot, drinking fine wine and consuming upscale food. We decided that sushi would be the simplest way to have a fancy tailgate.

Our opera party consisted of Andrea, Me, Ryan, Lena, and Kat. Lena bought the sushi, Ryan bought the wine, and I brought Andrea and Kat. They brought dessert from an amazing bakery in Taos, the Dragonfly Cafe.

Since I have never attended the opera, King Roger was a perfect introduction to the art. It was a surprisingly sexy performance with Bacchanalian scenes ending with the dancers filing off stage, presumably for more fun. This was a distinct contrast to the religious song lyrics.

We finished the evening in the gift shop. Unfortunately no photos exist of me in a silly hat.

Ryan and Lena

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