Capulin Volcano Monument

The view out of the caldera. STEEP!

The day I left New Mexico for Indiana was a long one. I awoke bright and early for a run, finished packing my car, and Dan and I got on the road… only to spend several idle hours wandering the plaza in Santa Fe during yet another art festival. I believe it was the Indian Art Festival actually. The only pictures taken that beautiful morning are of the inside of the Loretto Chapel.

Looking down into the caldera during our hike.

We made straight for the Capulin Volcano Monument, a National Monument not too far from I-25. Considering how accessible it is, I was surprised how few people I’d talked with had heard of it. The hike was beautiful AND STEEP! We did climb down the caldera of a inactive volcano, so I suppose I should expect such things.

See the hiking boots? Yep, stylish!

Capulin is a cone volcano, meaning it is formed from the lava spewed out piled into a large conical heap of rocks. Not nearly as dramatic as a strato-volcano, but still amazing. The views were incredible, an active volcano surrounded by the NW New Mexico Plains and other similar outcroppings of volcanic activity. Islands of hotspots as it were.

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We finished our day driving across New Mexico, took a detour to Texas, and drove across the grasslands of Oklahoma and Kansas… more on that soon.


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  1. That looks like a very cool spot. Happy travels.

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