The Texas Detour and the Horniest Bar in Town

While driving across New Mexico to Oklahoma, Dan and I missed a turn. It wasn’t too long before Dan noticed, but we arrived in Texas just in time to turn the car around. As we drove across the empty country, Dan read aloud and we occasionally hopped out of the car to stretch our legs and enjoy the quiet of the Oklahoma pan-handle.

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By the time we found Antler’s Bar and Grille in Kansas we were total zombies. It was on the state-highway, but google maps had routed us onto a gravel road among the cornfields. Despite the metal corrugated exterior, Antlers turned out to be everything a rural private drinking establishment should be. We should have had to purchase a membership, but the kind waitresses let us stay as guests since we weren’t drinking. I expected a loud Saturday night crowd of drunks (it was rather late), but instead a group of women were having ladies night and couples were eating a quiet dinner.

We finished the evening driving under the starry Kansas Sky and settled into Dodge City, Kansas for the night. Yep, the old stomping grounds of Wyatt Erp.


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