Bertha Holt

“All Children are Beautiful When They Are Loved” –Bertha Holt, Founder of the Holt International Children’s Services Foundation.

I stumbled across this art display at the Eisenhower Museum and it knocked me off my feet.

A memorial to Bertha Holt, a relative of mine.

Bertha Holt and her husband Harry began to adopt children from Korean in 1955 by a special act of Congress. I read about their adoption of 8 Korean War Orphans and their subsequent founding of an international adoption agency on a U of Oregon site which doesn’t sugar-coat its controversial beginning.

Despite never having met Bertha Holt, I recognized her right away. In fact her blood flows in my veins. My grandmother was a Holt who was raised in Curtin, Oregon where the Holts still work in the farm and lumber industry today (and presumably have modern jobs as well). I should have checked with my mother before writing this post, but I believe Bertha is my Grandmother’s Cousin.

It was a wonderful surprise to find this memorial at the Eisenhower Museum.


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One Response to Bertha Holt

  1. Joanne says:

    wow that is crazy!! What a coincidence 🙂

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