January in the Midwest

Did that title strike you? Did you read “January in the Midwest” and think “Heart of Darkness” for a moment? Yes, admittedly, winter tends to be a little demoralizing in the center of the country. In a recent nightmare, I screamed at the top of my lungs: “I miss hiking!” 064 But we can keep ourselves entertained indoors. My poor dog has never before, or since been forced to wear clothing.
You may recognize the bright green Boundary Bay Brewing Company sweatshirt from a post or two. It has been my nearly constant companion since my brother sent it to me for Christmas. If only he had been able to send me some Boundary Bay beer as well! Yes, it really does say Save the Ales on the back:
Me? What I’m doing after a long absence? I’m hunkered down, eating too many carbs, and wishing for some low elevation hills to climb. On a brighter note, I just downloaded 200 pictures from my digital camera. These included my wedding photos, a canoe trip, a hiking/wine trip in Northern Michigan, BAD ASS COFFEE!, a return trip to New Mexico, and these very amusing dog pictures. I’m off to Chicago tomorrow to appreciate the city in its winter clothes, its symphony, and its lack of tourists.


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One Response to January in the Midwest

  1. Joanne says:

    Winter is never fun, especially compared to all of summer’s outdoor activities. But somehow we’ll get through!

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