Rising Sun (and rising blog activity).

When I abandoned this blog to live my private (and wonderfully boring) life in South Bend, IN, I had regrets. I travel to amazing places and wordpress gives me space to share my photos with friends, family, and the delightful strangers who stop in.
Here is a tidbit from a conference I attended in Biddleford, Maine. I took these photos during a 5AM beach run. Yes, I’m crazy.
I spent the entire conference in talks, working, or talking with other scientists. These photos represent the only conventional fun I had (aside from one late night watching other scientist drink too much).
I admit, I left the conference feeling starstruck. I would gush about it, but famous scientists are rarely, well, famous. So I’ll keep the name-dropping to myself.
I did have a nice long talk with a local resident during an afternoon run. She expressed her love for Maine, swimming long distances after drinking too much, and making fun of the Tour-ons (i.e. tourist-morons).
The University of New England is a tiny school, but it does have a rather impressive donor.
Expect more posts soon. I have amazing road trip pictures, a Greece trip, and New Mexico adventure to relive.


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