Delphi: Antiquity in Nature

It doesn’t matter if it is a busy tourist spot, if you’re in Greece, take a pilgrimage to Delphi. It is delightful NOT to block out the modern buildings and experience a piece of what the ancient Greeks felt. I start this post with a caveat, I know a little about Delphi, but I’m learning on the fly as I write this post.


Upon leaving Athens, we struck out on the National Road. We turned off at Thebes (yes, that one) to drive through the mountains to Delphi. It was a long, hot drive… through Greece! With the curvy mountain roads (and an ice cream stop) we arrived much later than expected. When Dan and I stumbled out of the rental car, we discovered the museum was closed, but we still had plenty of time to stare at the ruins.

As you visit the sites, or remember those long ago history classes, you’ll pick a few facts up. Fact 1: Mycenaean times = (14th – 11th c. B.C.) and it is some of the earliest history we can think of in the Western cannon. Think Homer’s epics, the Illiad and the Odyssey.

Delphi has been occupied since Mycenaean times by small settlements who were dedicated to the Mother Earth deity. The Oracle at Delphi was established to worship Apollo (god of light, harmony, and order, among other things) around the First Millenium, B.C.

Next post: Volos, home of Jason (and the Argonauts) and the Centaurs.


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