A Greek Mountain Village: Makrinitsa

The balcony of Mt. Pelion.

Another recommendation if you’re visiting Greece in peak tourist season, skip the islands and head to Pelion. Why? Well aside from being the mythical home of the Centaurs and Jason, of Argonaut fame, it will give you some serious cred with the Athenians. Every person from Athens we spoke with asked about our travels and assumed we’d be heading to Santorini, Mykonos, etc. Make no mistake, I would love to visit the famed islands, just not in August. By going north and east to Volos, we made the locals jealous.

Have I mentioned we went to Greece for a conference? Yes, I went to Greece because my husband is amazing and people want to hear what he does for a living. I will talk a little more about that soon, but for now, I will continue to dazzle you with travel pictures.

The drive up here was undeniably intense, and that was from the passenger seat. Narrow, curvy mountain roads that were occasionally crumbling.

Hiking in someone's backyard.

The view from Makrinitsa down to Volos.

Once we arrived in Makrinitsa, we wandered, stared at beautiful buildings, took in the view, stared at the giant trees, and wandered up a path that was clearly the closest thing the locals had to a street home. After a Greek coffee, we got back in the car and headed to one of Greece’s favorite beaches.


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One Response to A Greek Mountain Village: Makrinitsa

  1. Joanne says:

    Ah! Such beauty! I’ve been dying to go to Greece and this is fueling that fire!

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