Thermopylae: Even Greek Roadside Attractions are Historic

Thermopylae, you’ve heard of it? If your pop culture knowledge trumps your history, than remember one number: 300. Sigh… yep, that movie based on a graphic novel, based on one of the most famous battles in history. If you’re wondering about the sigh, it is at my own ignorance of history. We stopped on our drive back to Athens to learn a little more about the famous battle of 480 BC.

There is little left to see in this roadside stop: battles leave bodies, not buildings. The memorial was small, and nearly empty, but we enjoyed the hill climb and breeze. Instead of a long history lesson, I’ll leave you with a language lesson:
thermo = HOT
pylae = gates
Yep, you’re seeing photos of stinking sulferous HOT springs. Not the first time I’ve featured that geographic phenomena in this blog. I visited the Jemez Springs near Los Alamos, NM with some amazing friends.

Happy Friday Everyone! I have fabulous photos of ruins of Greek and Roman Athens. Coming just as soon as I have another exhausted Friday to WordPress instead of write code.


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3 Responses to Thermopylae: Even Greek Roadside Attractions are Historic

  1. treadlemusic says:

    Such beautiful photos/scenery…really!

  2. Heather says:

    They might be hot, but I still think they’re cool 😉 (Sorry for the cheese…)

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