A Very Snowy Day


I have practiced yoga every day since Tuesday. Before today, each class was some level of vinyasa, from warp-speed Rockin’ Flow, to a laid back New Year’s class, and a self-led arm balance-filled class . Yesterday at Dhan we worked on new arm balances, bird of paradise, and scorpion.

Today… tired… so I opted for Yin. This is a lesser known yoga style that skips the flow and heads straight for the mat. One holds poses for at least a minute (and as many as 6). If you’re curious, google it, but here is why I do it. Imagine a the best stretch you’ve ever had in your life. Now imagine holding it until your flexibility changes and you can sink even deeper in… to the point of gentle pain… and keep holding. Once you finally release, you’ve done something for the targeted muscle (or even connective tissue) that you didn’t even know you needed, but wow, you needed it.

A final word, Yin isn’t for everyone. I fell for it because of a great teacher, and after a few years, I feel comfortable adding it to my home practice.

south bend yoga


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One Response to A Very Snowy Day

  1. treadlemusic says:

    So interesting! I hadn’t heard of that one!!!! Hugs…………

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