My Up Dog

It has been an eventful January. Thesis-writing. 30 days of OM. A dog knee surgery.
She’s in recovery, can’t you tell? Doesn’t she look anguished?
Her health has been in decline for about 2 years now. The creature I call “the monster” and “bitch” with utmost affection couldn’t walk up the stairs anymore. She is 4 years old, or roughly 28 in dog years. Yet it had become obvious she couldn’t live a healthy life anymore.

This January we talked to the right person and found a solution. They trimmed the bone of her tibia which realigned her knee to take pressure of a strained ligment.
She is a quarter through her recovery period of 2 months and showing signs of a return to her monster-like energy.

I’ve practiced yoga for 25 consecutive days. Ommmmmmm
south bend yoga
Oh, and the pictures, taken last May at a waterfall just off Hwy 2 in Montana. Kootenai Falls.


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