Theodore Roosevelt National Park: Memories of May

There I am, eyes closed and laughing, last May in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Have you heard of it? It is full of amazing wildlife, green topped badlands, and a sleepy, charming ‘frontier’ town.
It was a road trip stop to remember. We’d decided to book a hotel near the park since thunderstorms were immenient and we couldn’t camp. I worked the phone to find one to accept our dog, and was referred to the Amble Inn. I had to call several times in order to talk with the owner/housekeeper and explain precisely the sort of dog I have, how she behaves, and would she stay off the furniture?
But thankfully we passed, and spent the evening and following morning in this park. Don’t tell the NPS, but we even took our beast on the trails. Shhhhh…..


And yes, I’m on day 27 of my 30 day challenge. I’ll be blogging about the positivity of a daily yoga practice very soon.
south bend yoga


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