National Forest Road Hike, Near Glacier National Park

Have you ever been to a National Park with a dog? You very quickly become a second class citizen. Dogs disturb the native wildlife, so they’re not to go on most trails. And it is perfectly true that a bear or cougar might view a dog as a meal.
If you visit Glacier National Park in May, you may experience the true off season. We did. We camped a few hours east in Shelby, MT on Hwy 2 and discovered Dan’s old tent is impressively waterproof. We dried off in the morning and hit the road, intending to drink coffee at the Belton Chalet in East Glacier.
Why? It is a National landmark built by the railroads and I read about a lobby framed with huge tree trunks. I found a photo of it here, and I truly wish I had seen it in person. Alas, the Chalet had not yet opened for the season.
Glacier Lodge lobby
But we had a lovely hike on the forest road. My dog thought the mossy green woods were the best thing she’d ever experienced. It was hard to slow her down that day.


Day 29 of my 30 day challenge.
south bend yoga


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