Glacier NP: Not Another Roadside Attraction

Even with Going to the Sun Road closed and clouds covering the mountains, Glacier National Park is a phenomenal place. Because our dog wasn’t allowed on trails, we stopped at every turn out along the open section, snapped some photos, and wandered a bit. It was just enough to daydream about a return trip.

Today is day 35/30 day challenge. Yes, I’ve already surpassed the original goal. I wrote about completing the official 30 days on the Dhanwantari blog, if you’re curious. Tonight will be tough, home by 7:30, eat dinner, yin for an hour, in bed by 9pm. Yep, that is a late bedtime for this thesis-writer, but yin yoga is my secret weapon in the OM every day philosophy.

south bend yoga


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3 Responses to Glacier NP: Not Another Roadside Attraction

  1. Doreen says:

    Those photos are breathtaking!!!!! I know they really don’t compare, but Spearfish Canyon (SD) in the Spring when the snows are melting off the mountain tops has similar (smaller scale) appearance with incredible hiking opportunities. Thanks for the share!!!!!!!

    • mcddanielle says:

      Thank you for your comment! I’ve driven through the Black Hills and camped in Custer State Park. I’ve even stayed in Kyle, SD visiting a friend, which is on the south side of the Badlands, but I haven’t seen Spearfish Canyon. I’ll remember it though.

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