National Forest Road Hike, Near Glacier National Park

Have you ever been to a National Park with a dog? You very quickly become a second class citizen. Dogs disturb the native wildlife, so they’re not to go on most trails. And it is perfectly true that a bear or cougar might view a dog as a meal.
If you visit Glacier National Park in May, you may experience the true off season. We did. We camped a few hours east in Shelby, MT on Hwy 2 and discovered Dan’s old tent is impressively waterproof. We dried off in the morning and hit the road, intending to drink coffee at the Belton Chalet in East Glacier.
Why? It is a National landmark built by the railroads and I read about a lobby framed with huge tree trunks. I found a photo of it here, and I truly wish I had seen it in person. Alas, the Chalet had not yet opened for the season.
Glacier Lodge lobby
But we had a lovely hike on the forest road. My dog thought the mossy green woods were the best thing she’d ever experienced. It was hard to slow her down that day.


Day 29 of my 30 day challenge.
south bend yoga

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Fort Peck Dam, Eastern Montana

If you stop anywhere near the Missouri River, you’re practically guaranteed to stumble upon a Lewis and Clark marker. We did just that at Fort Peck Dam in Eastern Montana.
We were cutting over back highways between Interstate 94 and the desolate Highway 2. A kind stranger in a restaurant parking lot leaned over my atlas with me. He pointed out the dam and told me not to miss it. The dam was built in the 1930’s under FDR.
The Lewis and Clark expedition camped at the site in 1805. It is incredible what they accomplished. Without maps they were able to locate and follow rivers. More astoundingly, they had to gather evidence and guess which river branches to follow until they reached the headwaters of the Missouri.
Day 28 of the 30 day practice
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Theodore Roosevelt National Park: Memories of May

There I am, eyes closed and laughing, last May in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Have you heard of it? It is full of amazing wildlife, green topped badlands, and a sleepy, charming ‘frontier’ town.
It was a road trip stop to remember. We’d decided to book a hotel near the park since thunderstorms were immenient and we couldn’t camp. I worked the phone to find one to accept our dog, and was referred to the Amble Inn. I had to call several times in order to talk with the owner/housekeeper and explain precisely the sort of dog I have, how she behaves, and would she stay off the furniture?
But thankfully we passed, and spent the evening and following morning in this park. Don’t tell the NPS, but we even took our beast on the trails. Shhhhh…..


And yes, I’m on day 27 of my 30 day challenge. I’ll be blogging about the positivity of a daily yoga practice very soon.
south bend yoga

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My Up Dog

It has been an eventful January. Thesis-writing. 30 days of OM. A dog knee surgery.
She’s in recovery, can’t you tell? Doesn’t she look anguished?
Her health has been in decline for about 2 years now. The creature I call “the monster” and “bitch” with utmost affection couldn’t walk up the stairs anymore. She is 4 years old, or roughly 28 in dog years. Yet it had become obvious she couldn’t live a healthy life anymore.

This January we talked to the right person and found a solution. They trimmed the bone of her tibia which realigned her knee to take pressure of a strained ligment.
She is a quarter through her recovery period of 2 months and showing signs of a return to her monster-like energy.

I’ve practiced yoga for 25 consecutive days. Ommmmmmm
south bend yoga
Oh, and the pictures, taken last May at a waterfall just off Hwy 2 in Montana. Kootenai Falls.

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Batman Socks Yoga Selfie


My yoga teacher is amazing. Who else would give me “Bam! Whack! Pow!” socks for Christmas? I spent an hour tonight practicing Yin yoga after two days of challenging classes. I’m half way through my 30 day challenge and even guest posting about it. Deep breathing is the antidote to dark winter days tied to my desk.

south bend yoga

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And I didn’t go to Mexico.


My flight was cancelled twice, so I gave up the dream of warm yoga on the beach. I am grateful not to be stuck in an airport or stranded in Mexico. The Mayan pyramids will be there next year. Meanwhile I’ve practiced 10 days in a row.

south bend yoga.

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Out of the Basement


At 10:30 am I conceded. I was brain-dead and the cabin fever was getting to me. It was too cold to even shovel the driveway this morning (-12F). So I rolled out my mat out in the sunny living room. It is spectacularly sunny today and it made for quite the practice.

Yoga helps. Did you know? I hope to be in Mexico at this time tomorrow. That should help too 😉

south bend yoga, day 8.

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